Friday, April 14, 2017

Sha's Edventure: Terrarium

Rainforest Project: Building a Terrarium

:) zirafah di hutan hujan tropika.

Well done asatizah!

Sha's Edventure: Water Cycle

The Water Cycle Unit

Ilmu:  The Water Cycle
Amal: Doa for a Rainy Day
Skill:  Observation, Making Prediction, Understand Process
Akhlaq:  Syukur, Save Water

Level 1:  Mr. Cloud and Mr. Rain Obey Allah
Experiment:  Rain in a Bag +  The Crying Cotton Balls

Level 2:  Water Travels in a Cycle
Experiment:  Rain in a Bag +  Rain in a Jar

Level 3-4:  Rain is a Sign of Allah's Power
Experiment:  Rain in a Bag +  Shaving Cream Rain + Rain in a Jar

Sha's Edventure: Soda Pool

Uncle Raisin goes to Soda Pool.

Credit to Cikpuan Salleha Seth of Little Ibnu Sina.
I attended her workshop few years back while still homeschooling the children.

I love her ideas of introducing Science to children:

💡 Engage them with a story.  Create characters.  In this experiment, it was "Uncle Raisin."

💡 Skip the scientific term.  Use simple words.  Here, we used "zarah" in place of atom or molecules.  Bonus ~ 💫 the word 'zarrah' is mentioned in the Quran, so it fits nicely with QLS.

To deliver the lesson, we incorporate The Whole Brain Teaching:

🎣 Less talk, more action.

So, where's the science in this activity?

1.  Water is Allah's creation.
In water we see SIGNS of Allah's greatness.

2.  The arrangement of zarah in water differs from solid and liquid.

3.  In soda drink, we have the gas zarah + water zarah. They work as a team.

4.  When Uncle Raisin, a solid, jumps into the pool of soda, he sinks and screams for help.

5.  It is fitrah to help and care about others.  The gas zarah is quick to help.  Together, the gas zarah (carbon dioxide) attach themselves to Uncle Raisin to push him up.

6.  This is an effort to reach a state of balance.  Perfection. Equilibrium.  (You can skip this big word if you like.  For senior students, I exposed them to terms like this).

7.  Only The Creator is The Most Perfect.  The Most Stable.  We can work hard towards being the best, but we can never be the best.

8.  So, when Uncle Raisin hit the surface, does he live happily ever after like in fairy tale?

Other things happen.
New challenges arise.

9.  The gas zarah pops, and Uncle Raisin drowns again.

10.  The struggle continues.  He goes up and down with the help of gas zarah in the water.

This is life.

Phew! Deep, indeed.
No pun intended.

Sha's Edventure: Baking


Students want real stuff.
Lagi bagus, 💫real and edible.

Prosesnya, 💫incredible.
Pengalamannya, 💫memorable.
Bonus jika ia 💫profitable.


Baking brownies with Teja PreMix.
2 bags of premix yield 32 packs of 2 slices.
Sold for RM2 per pack.
Sold out!

Sha's Edventure: Ice Cream

I scream.
You scream.
We all scream for ice cream.

Praktis sebelum buat di kelas.
Mahu tahu caranya?

Google atau YouTube it!


Sha's Edventure: Digestion

Adab Makan
Digestion Process

This was an💡 'awesomely gross' 💡demonstration that we did in class.

Rehearse before you decide to do this.
You want to get the storyline you can hit the punchline and drive the message home.

✨I did my homework here:

🔲 Materials and what they represent:

Biscuits/Bread = food we eat
Colored water = the drink

Container = mouth

Scissors = front teeth
Masher /your fingers = back teeth

Funnel = esophagus
Orange juice/100 plus = acid in stomach

Ziploc bag = stomach

Stocking / sock = small intestine
Paper towels = large intestine

Teachers, you want to do this demonstration in class.

Watch your students' faces especially when the 'awesomely gross' process takes place.

Wallahu a'lam.

Sha's Edventure: Can you see Air?

We cannot see air, but it's there!

Experiment 1:
Trap air in a plastic bag.

Experiment 2:
Put tissue paper in a glass.
Turn the glass upside down and submerge it in water.

What happens to the tissue paper?
It remains dry.

The air 'zarah' protects the tissue paper.

Experiment 3:
Fill glass with water, 3/4 full.
Turn it upside down on a card.

What happens?
The water does not spill.
The air 'zarah' pushes the card upwards.